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Know the type of shutter on a digital camera

Know the type of shutter on a digital camera - Camera inside us there is a component called shutter, whose role is very important to adjust the brightness of photos, and also can make a moving object so it appears to be frozen or otherwise become visible blur. Shutter component is shaped like a curtain covering the sensors, also called focal plane shutter. When the photo was taken, the shutter will be opened to allow light into the sensor. The duration of the shutter opening called a shutter speed that we can choose to fast or slow, in seconds or trillionth of a second. That's how cameras work to date, including digital SLR cameras are widely used by photographers everywhere. ( Cara Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir di Android )

Know the type of shutter on a digital camera

There is one thing that the weakness of the focal plane shutter manifold or other name of the travel vertical shutter. For those who often use a flash light would have experienced if the flash can not be used on a particular shutter speed, above 1/200 sec. This is because the design and shutter work that causes the light will flash when the shutter too quickly blocked. In the images obtained will be visible streaks, partly light and partly dark. These restrictions could limit our creativity in shooting with flash, for example in bright daylight so can not use a large aperture if you use the flash. Whereas large openings has the advantage could make your own background blur, and are associated with flash we know that large openings can 'lighten' flash working well.

Electronic shutter

I used to have a camera Nikon D40 is one of his prowess is the maximum flash sync speed of his. When other cameras are generally restrict only to 1/200 sec shutter-as-flash, the camera does allow me to wear my flash up the speed of 1/500 sec. Do shutter unit in the Nikon D40 is so special? It was not so secret is D40 uses the combination of mechanical and electronic shutter. So the mechanical shutter in the camera D40 it will only work up to a certain speed 1/90 seconds, and when we choose a speed faster than that then the camera automatically will use an electronic shutter that regulates the circuit in the sensor for the 'on-off' a certain speed , up to 1/4000 sec. visit Aplikasi untuk Membuka Situs Yang Diblokir di Android

Maybe we ever wondered why there should be in the form of a mechanical shutter which must be unscrewed each photo was taken? Is not in the era of sophisticated sensors can also be assigned an electronic shutter, such as sensors in pocket cameras or camera Nikon D40? Moreover, the electronic shutter system has the advantage of no moving parts and its meaning will continue to be used for the sensor or the camera is still alive. The simple answer is a little of both sensor designs is no difference. Sensor Digital SLR and other camera with mechanical shutter is designed to 'need help' of a mechanical shutter in determining the timing of exposure. While sensors in pocket cameras or camera phones are designed to be able to function as well as the electronic shutter so quick and cheap.

Continued explanation is, basically if you want to use Digital SLR camera electronic shutter system can be, although of course the sensor must be redesigned. The problem to become an electronic shutter, a sensor must have an additional component at each pixel, and this resulted in the ability to capture light is reduced. No immediate fallout on the final quality of the images produced. For us Digital SLR users, may find their mechanical shutter as though complicated and considers the concept of an electronic shutter impressed much more simple. But for manufacturers of digital SLR cameras, the mechanical shutter is a more reasonable solution, when using the electronic shutter will actually make intricate designs Digital SLR sensor and there will be a decrease in the quality of the picture.

Leaf shutter

There are also cameras that are made with various leaf shutter shutter design. In contrast to the focal plane shutter which we are familiar, leaf shutter is open the lid-like blade aperture lens, and indeed leaf shutter is physically located in the lens (not on camera). You could say this is the most classic shutter designs, since the early photographic era relic. Clearly leaf shutter is not currently found in Digital SLR cameras, but in the medium format camera. Each lens medium format has its own leaf shutter, so the price will be more expensive lenses. When compared with a focal plane shutter, shutter leaf shortage that could not reach very high speeds such as focal plane shutter, he could only be up to 1/1000 sec. But the benefits of leaf shutter tend to be noisy, and the main advantage he was able to flash sync at any speed shutter,

Cara membuka situs yang diblokir di android - Why flash sync cara membuka situs yang diblokir di capability so important? As already highlighted earlier in this paper, during the day of course we will more often use a fast shutter speed, 1/500 sec. When the camera focal plane shutter with a maximum limit only 1/200 sec can wear it during the day we are going to use flash, forced to use a smaller aperture. Small openings difficult to get and will weaken the power of the flash as well. With the camera shutter leaf design, we can use 1/500 sec, a large aperture and flash power is low enough alone.

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