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Reviews Price Leica X Vario VS Leica M240

Reviews Price Leica X Vario VS Leica M240 - Leica brand renowned for its high price, but is it true Leica cameras price is worth that much? incidentally there my students who use Leica M and Leica X, so I can get hands-on experience and review briefly here. Indeed, there are some digital camera brand Leica is the branding of the Panasonic brand cameras. Examples Leica DLUX 6 ($ 747) is a branding of the Panasonic LX7 ($ 350). Leica C ($ 582) is the Panasonic LF1 ($ 250). The same camera specifications, why the price of Leica cameras could be more than doubled? ( Download BBM )

What's different? if from the specifications, in fact all the same, of the lens, the image quality and others. Which is slightly different camera designs and materials, packaging. Also the red circles are the prestigious Leica. Examples Leica C specially designed by Audi, which specialized designing luxury products.
Apart from digital cameras above, there are some products that are original Leica designed by Leica and made straight from scratch in Germany, namely Leica M, Leica X Vario and X2.

My impression of the two cameras in brief is as follows:

Leica M: The price ($ 6,800) body only
  • The camera body is very solid, feels very solid and a little bit heavy, dense and thick (680 grams with battery)
  • Leica lenses slim size. Examples lens Leica 28mm f / 2.8, 39mm diameter filter only.
  • Shutter button and the sound of was steady, not as a digital SLR camera beginners
  • Because it does not have the mirror when taking photos is not noisy and more stable.
  • There is a focus peaking to assist manual focus using the live view
  • Can not autofocus, but the manual focus is not difficult to live view, there is little need time
  • Rangefinder viewfinder is difficult to use because it is not precise to what will be created. Need a lot of practice to understand his character, especially the split-screen framing and manual focusing.
  • The menu is arranged quite neat and simple. There are two menus, a comprehensive and quick menu, contains setting2 photographing frequently replaced as ISO, exposure compensation, white balance etc.
  • Electronic viewfinder is quite bright, as bright as its LCD screen, great for dark light conditions. View finder exactly like the Olympus VF2 that cost ($ 180) is much cheaper than Leica ($ 600).
  • Leica M uses a CMOS sensor than the CCD, CMOS makes use of increased camera performance and image quality at high ISO cleaner than noise, the video quality is also better.
  • The image quality is highly dependent of the lens, and the famous Leica lens for superior optical quality. Lenses such as Leica fix 50mm, 28mm, 90mm gives background very smooth.
  • Additional grip accessories (accessories) I highly recommend because if not, a little difficult to hold securely, especially when installing a telephoto lens.
  • Auto ISO could be configured max ISO and minimum shutter speed.
  • No auto sensor cleaning
Leica M full frame CMOS sensor, 24MP, similar to the Nikon D610 , Sony A7 that the quality is quite good even in high ISO up to ISO 3200. great for travel photography which include portrait and scenery. It takes time to get used to the rangefinder, but in general to learn the camera is not as difficult as DSLR camera / mirrorless in general.

Maybe that restricts some people to have is their high price. The high prices have often been controversial because of its many cameras are more but the price is much cheaper, for example Fuji XT-1, Nikon D610, Nikon D800, Canon 5D MK III and so on.

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In my view, Leica does not plan to compete with the price and features, but more to the philosophy and the "art and craft" of the product. Art is indeed difficult to assess with money. Leica M camera made mostly by hand and has a very high degree of precision.

likewise, the price of lenses-lenses typically 4 digits US $ or tens of millions of rupiah. But for some people it may worthed because it can be used in the long term and the value / price of the lenses also never dropped. There was also a prestige joined Leica Club. at least more confident when associating with the high class worthed? depends on each person, of course.

Leica X Vario: The price ($ 2,125)
  • The camera body is slightly thinner and shorter than the Leica M, but sturdy and luxurious impression persists
  • Lens size is not large, comparable with the camera body
  • There is no aperture ring on the lens, but at the top of the camera
  • Manual focus ring is greater than the zoom ring
  • Autofocus mode on the lens, just rotate it to get stuck and click to change the mode to the AF, and vice versa
  • These lenses are more or less equivalent to 28-70mm f / 3.5-5.6 in the format FF / 35mm
  • The lens can not be replaced / dislodged
  • Opening size is small but the quality is consistent and of small size.
  • The results are very consistent image sharpness equivalent to the Nikon D7100 with high quality lenses.
  • Autofocus performance fairly quickly, but still far enough away that the current era of mirrorless cameras
  • Manual focus is no focus peaking
Leica X Vario my opinion suitable for a walk through town with ease while photographing the architectural details, the bustle of the city and for the travel and the scenery is also good. The size is compact and suitable for who just want to take a camera without complicated to carry other lenses. Alternatively Leica T , the design is more modern and can change-change lens. The picture quality equivalent X Vario.

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